Dayz Server Connect & Rules

POSTED BY ChawDinky December 29, 2018

Our PvPvE server gives players that tense action between zombies and players. We wanted to make that fear of not just a zombie threat but to also have player conflict for that realistic feeling. This server is always being tweaked to balance it and mods added to keep it custom and engaging.

  Server Rules:

1. No building within 1500m of trader

2. No building at or 500m of a military establishment

3. No Hacking

4. No stealing from trader outposts will result in a 2 day ban

5. No building in major big city’s – Elektrozavodsk, Chernogorsk, Berezino, Novodmitrovsk, Severograd, Svetlojarsk and Zelenogorsk

6. No camping spawns – As in waiting for players to spawn in to kill them.

7. No Camping/Killing within 1000m from trader zones

8. No stream sniping | Attention streamer’s – You stream at your own risk and will need detailed proof of a stream sniper.