Today my objective is to completely move our community away from VanillaPlusPlus ‘s custom mission “DayZSurvival.ChernarusPlus” This “CUSTOM” mission is just to buggy and most if not close to all servers that are stable have moved away from VanillaPlusPlus “Custom” Mission. This will fix “A LOT If not all of our server crashes!” Please be advised that for a short time we will not have the spawn menu, you will again, have random spawns! So that “F11” key is going to be useful again

Here soon, they plan to release a separate mod for spawn menu, so we will be re adding it back as long as files and script logic are stable. Once i have made the appropriate changes and moves i will be removing the mod “@VanillaPlusPlus” from our server! I will then add in the mod “@VanillaPlusPlusMap” So you all can keep your map! Positive changes yall! I know its been one hell of a ride but we keep getting closer to what we wanted our end result to be! Arma 2 DayZ! All Pixel Raider DayZ community Survivors who stay loyal to us and encourage others to do the same, I have a reward for you all and i will have a reward for those who still remain loyal to prdayz. I want you to feel at home here. I want you to wear prdayz’s name proud. Its a name you can trust and its a name you can play by! Veteran DayZ Ran! For the players – BY THE PLAYER!

Our server rules seem to be a little broken so they now have been updated! I advise everyone to look over the rules again! Thank you! –>

Things that have been added in recently are: Pixel Raider: Lycan Beast Drink “Energy drink” brings player food and water up to 99% over a period of time.