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Added bigger backpack inventory’s – Field backpack 300 slots
Added bigger Clothing inventory’s – Vests 70 slots
Added 1,000 inventory slots to large tents
Added 1,200 inventory slots to car tents
Added 500 inventory slots to medium tents
Added 500 inventory slots to Sea Chests
Added 500 inventory slots to barrels
Added bigger zombie inventory’s for future plans
Added Cannabis – AKA Weed
Added extra life to some clothing and vests


Tweaked item sizes of some items, to name a few.
Car tents
Lowered the amount of seeds in the Cannabis Seed Pack. Was 10, its now 5 per pack.


Zombies now spawn with loot again.
Zombie hordes dont spawn on top of you. “Thanks Gravity for your awesome skills with your horde script.”


Removed most items weight


Made farming profitable
Made Cannabis farming possible
Made hunting profitable


Balanced the econemy
Added Cannabis Seed Packs to trader. P.S: Grow your weed and stock up…. Update coming soon….


New trader locations
Drug trader location – none safe zone – sell at your own risk
North East Airfield make over
Balota Airfield make over
Bridges to the islands
Cinder block base building walls with crafting recipe