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Locker mod can be located HERE

All Dayz Servers have this mod installed. You can also find it in our Mod Collections.


Lockers- Unique Storage for clothing and items. Slots for bulky clothing and a weapon that you can visually see inside. 

Grass and Dirt Mound- Dig minimal cover in otherwise open locations. A Field shovel can dig two dirtmounds before being destroyed. It takes 20 seconds to dig.

NOTE: You can only dig a dirtmound with a FieldShovel. Make sure to add the Fieldshovel to your servers types.xml as its not in there by default. The placement system is similar to the Garden plot. Dirtmounds are set to last one hour in a sever. 

Worktable- A Worktable used to construct items – Currently makes the Wood storage, more items to construct in the future.

Wood Storage- Large Storage for extra planks, logs and firewood. Better model coming soon.

To build the Worktable combine 3 planks with a nail. Building the Woodstorage requires 5 planks. Walk over to the Worktable with the planks in your hand. You can destroy both items with the appropriate melee weapons.